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What's the story!

Being a food lover myself, I have always been looking for a profession that curbs my passion for delicious and exotic foods from across the globe. Working on Product photography for a better part of 8 years, food photography is where my inquisitiveness and desire to add flavor to my life found bliss.

As a Food Photographer/ Food & Brand Photographer i am always eager to learn more and explore the cuisines and delicacies of the world, I take my photography inspiration from art, culture, and architecture.

I have professional experience and expertise in providing the best food & brand photography services for cookbooks, food blogs, travel diaries, tutorials, menu cards, manufacturing, and other related products.

Giving top priority to my clients I always ensure that client involvement in the project is maximum. With tailor-made packages and customized photoshoots, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Committed to providing the highest quality of work and best standards of results, I believe in creating long-term business relationships that are mutually fulfilling for both parties.


Grub and the Shutterbug has worked hard to make commercial food & brand photography easy. Alongside expert food stylists and innovative graphic designers, I am ready to serve you the way you want.

For more information and queries, i am only a phone call away.